Green - Paradise City 2018

Respect the nature, respect the castle

Let us remind you to

  • respect the nature on site.
  • respect the ground.
  • respect the trees, some are very old.
  • respect the water area (the small lake, the waterways …).

And please

  • do not print your ticket, download it & use your phone
  • do not pee on the land, use the provided toilets.
  • do not litter on the land, use the provided bins for general waste and for composting/swill.
  • do not throw your cigarettes butts on the ground, use the provided cigarette butts’ collection facilities or ashtrays.

Green energy

We are powered up with renewable energy. Green power will lower the impact of lighting & music.
In 2017, all our generators were using bio fuel and their capacity was reduced from 800 to 420 kVA since our first year. Furthermore, our camping area was 100 % powered on solar energy for 2 years in a row and we use 95% of low consumption lightning on site.

Future food

We ask our food provider to use 100 % locally sourced & organically grown food and ingredients from fair-trade source.
Because of meat’s high climate & environmental impact, we propose a large range of vegetarian & meat free food supply. Menus are discussed internally in order to offer large & balanced alternatives. And we try to adapt food quantity to avoid leftovers.

Waste management

Waste is sorted and recycled with the help of our waste manager and our waste collection company. This year, we are aiming to find a compost solution to improve our waste stream.

We have a limited waste flow (no paper flyers, no receipts, use of eco cups, free portable ashtrays etc.), In 2017, we succeeded in reducing our waste up to 35%, part of which 40% was recycled waste (PVC, glass and used oil).
We ask our food trucks to use only compostable silverware. And, if any, we collect the food surplus to be distributed to people in need.


The lower the carbon footprint of the used transport mode, the closer one can park to the festival. So how will you get here?

By providing near entrance parking for sustainable transport modes with our bicycle point we intend to lower the biggest festival impact. We promote Carpooling and Public transports on our web site and with partnerships. You nevertheless come by car, then know that our car parking ticket is reduced by half if you are more than 2 persons in a car.

Filtered tap water

A wave of plastic water bottles usually submerges festivals, we propose a less lucrative but more responsible alternative: meet Paradise City still & sparkling Tap Water.

Moreover we will have a mobile wastewater treatment unit filtering the water to good quality. Check out all the info here!

Less paper

We try to cut down paper use.

We send you a dematerialized entrance ticket and use no coupons on site, it is a cashless festival. If any, all our communication is printed on FSC paper paper (flyers, posters …).


We are reducing excessive water use & treatment as much as possible.


Even after all our efforts, there will be a remaining climate impact. We want to take our responsibility by offsetting the unavoidable climate impact through the support of CO2logic’s climate project.


Meet our circular camping where each camper has the opportunity to rent recycled camping gear, how cool is that.


Our sustainable vision is communicated to each partner & sponsor to assure they share our concerns about a greener future. And we give you useful sustainable tips on the festival site.

Just as last year, Beplanet ( will be on site to present new innovative and sustainable projects on site. Furthermore, this year, we will ask our guests to participate to a good cause and financially support the Klimaatzaak / le Projet Climat (;


We believe that good music tastes even better when accompanied by good food! Our food trucks serve delicious food with minimum impact on the environment. Ingredients are seasonal and biological, served in compostable tablewear. The menus are mostly vegetarian, but there is also room for sustainably caught fish. What’s more, all these various food trucks are joining forces to source their ingredients locally.